moon 1

disco ball

People dance and drink, flirt, and kick up noise, beneath the disco ball, striving to satisfy all kinds of desires. That glittering ball above the dance floor is a symbol of worldliness. But there was a moment it appeared to me as something sacred. Perhaps it was the fog of drink and drowsiness, or the split second of silence birthed by the DJ failing to transition smoothly between tracks. Whatever the case, an ordinary disco ball had seemed to me like a divine presence. The strange calm as though I were gazing at something spiritual, an astronomical event, or a rare natural phenomenon. The moment the ball—rotated by distraction, noise, desire, and chaos—turns to reveal itself as sublime, singular, mysterious, and absolute. The light refracted from the cheap mirrored tiles, creating the illusion of constellations. The ambiguous boundary between the worldly and divine brought to form by a disco ball. I dream of encountering that moment again.



Art-in-Buildings by Time Equities Inc.
Solo Exhibition "cluster" in the AiB Gallery at Travelers Towers
Nov.21, 2018 - May.31, 2019
26555 Evergreen Rd, Southfield, MI 48076



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